...Crafting the past into your new future....

If you have a renovation and refurbishment project, internal or external, remodelling ideas are often tricky if the existing building is listed. You may need a blended style with new modern features and amenities. Therefore, you will need a company experienced in achieving the balance between careful attention to conservation and progressive ideas. We use specialist suppliers of traditional materials for historical and listed projects and aim to respect the era and your building.

Perhaps there needs to be a continuation of activities while the work is done? - you can be assured with our cleaner ways of working that we will go out of our way to minimise disruption and dust.

One client said that we left the place spotless and cleaner than when we started!

  • Conservation work for listed buildings - sourced materials and work very closely with English Heritage and local conservation officers
  • Wattle and Daub
  • Specialist plasterwork e.g. essex pagetting
  • Timber conservation
  • Tiling and finishes

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We were extremely pleased with SJS' performance and were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of services and experience that SJS were able to offer us. SJS conducted themselves professionally at all times and displayed first-rate communication and administrative skills.

Regina Peachey