About Stiffell Joint Securities

...We have a passion in achieving balance...

SJS Ltd. was established in 1979 by Roger Stiffell. After 30 year of trading in London he moved his operation to Essex to reduce his travelling and for a better work environment.

  • between careful attention to conservation and progressive ideas
  • getting the work done quickly with as little disruption as possible
  • Letting you get on with living or working where possible
  • Friendly and courteous but efficient staff

SJS staff have a clear corporate image, and are therefore uniformed and easily identifiable onsite. They are our own fully supervised employees and only bring in expertise from fully accredited electrical and mechanical subcontractors.

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SJS Limited 曾經幫助我和我的朋友做了很多次室內室外工程。我們非常之滿意。而且工程後清理非常好。是一間好的裝修工司。

Dr W Law